solar light

A Simple Solar Light Is Life Changing In This Indonesian Village

Solar is more than just light. In a recent article on its website, IRENA has highlighted just how much. The article highlights the example of homemaker Konda Ngguna living in a small village in Laindeha, Sumba Island, Indonesia. Till a few years back, there used to be a total  blackout in the Laindeha village after […]

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3d Incise Solar Garden Lamp

This is a made in India lighting solution that uses solar radiation to light up garden pots, pathways, etc. Description: It has a solar panel on top, a rechargeable battery to charge-up the power LED, It provides an excellent moon light effect and being wireless makes it very handy and easy to use anywhere without […]

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SolarWindow Electricity-Generating Coatings

PRODUCT BRIEF: The SolarWindow transparent electricity-generating coatings produce energy when exposed to sunlight, indoor light, low light, reflected light, and even shaded light sources. The firm recently released first-person video footage demonstrating its new, highly transparent electricity-generating glass using its coating. PRODUCT FEATURES: Once the coating is applied in ultra-thin layers, ordinary glass becomes an […]

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TwiLight Solar Light by Solight

Product Brief: This award-winning solar light is engineered with an origami-inspired, self-inflating design and creates beautiful, clean light in dual bright white and red light, with a red SOS mode. Product Features: It’s lightweight, just 1.8 ounces and it floats and can withstand complete immersion underwater. For as many hours as you charge it in […]

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d.light S3 Solar Lamp

PRODUCT BRIEF: The d.light S3 is the next generation of one of the best-selling solar lanterns the S2. This easy-to-use solar-powered light enables people without regular access to energy in developing worlds with an affordable and reliable light source. PRODUCT FEATURES: The S3 comes with an integrated solar panel that charges the battery pack that […]

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MPOWERD® Launches Its First Smart Solar Light With Luci® Connect

MPOWERD has released its newest innovation—Luci Smart Solar Light + Mobile Charger, Luci Connect —as an exclusive first-to-market offer with specialty outdoor US retailer REI. The global roll out to the brand’s e-commerce site and other retail partners is scheduled for January 2019. As part of the Luci family, Luci Connect harnesses the power of the sun, storing […]

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One Million Solar Study Lamps Scheme successfully implemented

A new project for distribution of 70 lakh solar study lamps in the states of Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand Odisha and Uttar Pradesh which was sanctioned by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in December 2016, is currently under implementation. The One Million Solar Study Lamps Scheme which was sanctioned in January 2014 for […]

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