SolarWindow Electricity-Generating Coatings

SolarWindow Electricity-Generating Coatings

PRODUCT BRIEF: The SolarWindow transparent electricity-generating coatings produce energy when exposed to sunlight, indoor light, low light, reflected light, and even shaded light sources. The firm recently released first-person video footage demonstrating its new, highly transparent electricity-generating glass using its coating.

PRODUCT FEATURES: Once the coating is applied in ultra-thin layers, ordinary glass becomes an electricity-generating SolarWindow. Nearly invisible wires transport the electricity to edge of the window, which can be routed to power devices, either directly from SolarWindow itself or through a building’s electrical system.

APPLICATION: Solar Power Generation

PRODUCT BENEFITS: The potential applications for the product are limitless with uses for transparent electricity-generating coatings include building facades, balcony railings, curtain walls, skylights, and shading systems, as well as automotive, truck, marine and aircraft applications, various consumer products and military uses.

AVAILABILITY: The firm has officially released the product in August.

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