3d Incise Solar Garden Lamp

3d Incise Solar Garden Lamp

3d Incise Solar Garden Lamp

This is a made in India lighting solution that uses solar radiation to light up garden pots, pathways, etc.


It has a solar panel on top, a rechargeable battery to charge-up the power LED, It provides an excellent moon light effect and being wireless makes it very handy and easy to use anywhere without any additional efforts.

How to Use:

One has to only sink the Solar Garden Lamp spike into the preferred spot which receives ample sunlight during the daytime. Push On button provided once and it will automatically set ON and OFF at sunset and sunrise.

Area of use:

Garden Pots Garden pathways Resort pathways Fancy Lighting

Colour Available:

  1. WHITE


Starting at Rs 350, the lamp is currently available on Indiamart, even as the manufacturer seeks more distributors.

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