solar insurance

MNRE Enlists 11 Companies Offering Solar Insurance To Cover Risks 

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has updated its list of insurers covering risks for solar project developers. India’s Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDAI), which offers solar insurance, forwarded the MNRE the approved list of 11 such players. The ministry last published the list of solar insurance firms on February 26. It has […]

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ISA Decides On Solar Facility To Expedite Funding

In its fifth general assembly, International Solar Alliance (ISA) has approved the creation of a ‘Solar Facility’ which will be a financial instrument to encourage investments in solar energy through insurance funds and payment guarantee. Readers will recall that a key mandate of the ISA itself was to enable financing for solar in developing countries. […]

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Solar Startup Enerzy Solar Steps In with Rooftop Solar Insurance And More

Rooftop Solar systems, that much neglected yet critical part of the solar push have finally got some insurance cover. Till now, the premium amount in such cases was too low for most insurance agents to push hard for these. But now, if you are digital savvy, Pune-based Enerzy Solar claims to provide rooftop solar insurance […]

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Solar Energy Insurance for Utility Scale Projects

With each step towards achieving 100GW solar power goal by 2022, the momentous development of solar insurance and reinsurance market in India could not come at a better time. When it comes to new and innovative financing models, growing number of large-scale solar PV power plants and reduction in the feed-in tariff has spurred the […]

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