solar in pakistan

Pakistan A Step Closer To 1.3 GW Renewable Project

Pakistan, where despite a horrendous power grid situation and ideal conditions for solar, renewable energy beyond Hydro has simply not been allowed to take root, might finally be moving towards a GW scale renewable project. The country’s grid has been paralysed with issues linked to its ‘circular debt’, leading to extended blackouts, and a stealthy […]

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Solar’s Slow Rise In Sun Drenched Pakistan

Extensive load shedding and high and rising electricity costs are a few of the reasons for consumers to seek a switch to solar power in Pakistan. With industry pointing out that the nation pays some of the highest electricity tariffs in South Asia, it is indeed a wonder why solar has not established a stronger […]

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Poor Policy Choices Bring Pakistan To The Brink In Gas Price Surge

For Pakistan, the inexorable rise in global LNG spot prices is turning into a never ending nightmare. Thanks to a high dependence on spot gas purchases, the South Asian country of almost 220 million people is headed for a cold winter with possibly some of the poorest preparations in a decade. Even as the government […]

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Pakistan Railways Follows The Sun, To Shift Stations To Solar

Pakistan Railways has finally made a call to shift 155 railway stations to solar energy. The move follows a prod by the federal government to use alternative environment-friendly energy resources. The railways PR Director Nazia Jabeen says that the cost of the project would be Pakistani Rs 450 million. Pakistan, which has an existing installed […]

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