Solar Fuel

Swiss intl airlines to be world’s first to use ‘sun-to-liquid’ fuel

Swiss International Air Lines and its parent Lufthansa Group have agreed with synthetic fuel group Synhelion to use its solar aviation fuel, the Swiss airline said on Tuesday. “This will make SWISS the first airline in the world to use ‘sun-to-liquid’ fuel,” it said in a statement. The process devised by Synhelion, a spinoff from […]

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New Water Splitting Catalyst Could Make it Easier to Generate Solar Fuel

Water splitting, the process of harvesting solar energy to generate energy-dense fuels, could be simplified thanks to new research. A Research team, led by Louis Piper, Associate Professor of Physics, Binghamton University and researchers from Diamond Light Source and Brookhaven National Laboratory, figured out how “doping” (or adding metal ions) into vanadium pentoxide (M-V2O5) nanowires raises the […]

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Researchers Find Ways to Generate Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight

A new research, led by Govinder Singh Pawar, who is an Indian origin scientist at the University of Exeter in the UK, has given a ray of hope for the solar fuel. The total energy produced by sunlight in a single hour is equivalent to the mankind’s total energy consumption for one year, but the […]

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Scientists’ New Innovation Will Boost Solar Fuel Efficiency

Scientists around the globe are chipping away at the advancement of solar fuel innovation. The examination includes creating supportable powers utilizing just daylight, CO2, and water, the essential fixings utilized by plants. Scientists from the University of Twente have made noteworthy effectiveness upgrades to the innovation used to produce solar fuels. This includes the immediate transformation of […]

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Columbia Engineers Develop Floating Solar Fuels Rig for Seawater Electrolysis

The electrolyzer component of this device is based on a simple, membraneless design that enables efficient operation with high product purity and without active pumping of the electrolyte. In a single hour, more energy from the sun hits the Earth than all the energy used by humankind in an entire year. Imagine if the sun’s […]

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