KMC Mulling 40 More EV Charging Stations in Kolkata

The Mayor-in-Council of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has passed a proposal according to which the KMC will tie up with Mumbai based Tata Power for the setting up of 40 EV charging stations in Kolkata. The proposal will now be placed before the KMC House in April only for consideration. KMC already has established […]

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Charge+Zone Partners up with Snap-E to Set up EV Charging Infrastructure for Fleet Transportation

Charge+Zone, a technology-driven EV charging network firm has announced partnership with Snap-E, a leading provider of reliable and eco-friendly public transport service. Under the phased partnership, EV charging infrastructure will be established for Snap-E’s fleet transportation. Charge+Zone, a tech-driven EV Charging infrastructure firm that specialises in charging networks for electric buses, trucks and electric cars, […]

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