Smart Power India

The Missing Element in the Proposed Electricity Act Reforms

India is the third largest producer and consumer of electricity worldwide. But it still has one of the lowest per capita power consumption (1,181 kWh) as compared to the world’s average per capita power consumption, which stands high at nearly 2,700 kWh. Because of this, our nation faces the challenge of ensuring sound financial health […]

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New Scheme From SPI to Boost Power Demand of Minigrids

SPI has launched a customer voucher scheme for minigrids customers, which is expected to have a significant positive impact on over 200 mini-grid villages Smart Power India (SPI) said that it has launched a customer voucher scheme (CVS) for minigrids customers. The scheme is expected to have a significant positive impact on over 125,000 lives in 200 mini-grid […]

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Solar Power Can Convert India’s Energy Poverty to Energy Prosperity

Over a period of one year, Samuday has invested close to Rs 30 crore towards establishing 14 solar mini grids, supplying power to over 900 households in 15 villages. It has also committed another Rs 3 crore to be spent every year over the next five years towards maintaining these grids.   In a bid […]

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