SLDC to Pay for Irregular Curtailment of Wind, Solar Power

If any SLDC curtails wind or solar power for any reason other than grid safety or security or as prescribed in respective grid code/ regulation, they shall be liable for making good the loss incurred by the wind or solar power generators towards deemed generation. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued an […]

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Payment Security Mechanism for Power Purchase by DISCOMs Approved

RK Singh has approved the proposal to make it mandatory for discoms to open and maintain adequate LC as Payment Security Mechanism under PPAs RK Singh, Union Minister of State for Power and New & Renewable Energy (IC) has approved the proposal to make it mandatory for discoms to open and maintain adequate Letter of […]

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SLDC Can’t Cut Down Renewable Power Per Convenience : TNERC

TNERC outlined these findings in a petition regarding stopping issuance of backing down or curtailment instructions to solar projects. In a significant move for the energy sector, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) has stated that State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC) cannot curtail renewable power at their convenience, adding that backing down of the “Must Run Status” power shall […]

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Forecasting to mitigate back-down

Unlike other renewable energy rich countries where grid management is for the purpose of energy management, the grid management in India actually targets to solve the capacity management problem. The power market structure of India is comparatively complex unlike other countries and with the penetration of massive variable renewable energy like wind and solar, the […]

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Submitting Forecast & Schedule of Solar Power generation : Communication with SLDC

A forecast model of solar power generation can be viewed as probabilistic evolution to generate different plausible patterns considering the unscheduled fluctuations The demand of energy has multiplied manifold due to socio-economic development and this demand can be no longer satisfied by the traditional energy technology using local resources only. Hence the renewable energy is […]

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