Shirdi Sai

India’s Solar Self Sufficiency Dreams Move Ahead With Solar PLI II Bids

Confirmations on the bidders for the phase 2  solar PLI (Performance Linked Incentives) scheme of the government are in, with Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), leading a host of companies that have bid for a slice of the incentives. In the guidelines for the second phase of the solar PLI scheme where Rs 19,000 crore has […]

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New Solar PLI Scheme Changes

Details on the new solar PLI scheme for the Rs 19,500 crores that was announced in the budget are still to come out formally. With a first PLI scheme that had a corpus of ‘just’ Rs 4,500 already having been concluded, it’s fair to expect some quick movement with part 2 now. However, reports and […]

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JSW Solar, Shirdi Sai Electricals and Reliance Win Solar PLI Allotments

In the end, IREDA’s final list of winners for the Solar PLI (Performance Linked Incentives) scheme threw up no surprises as the bidders with plans for all stages of production and the highest capacity bids of 4 GW walked away with the top 3 allotments. Designed to encourage the setting up of manufacturing capacities for […]

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