Senior Engineer / Asst Manager_Engineering Job

Assistant Manager_Electronics

Application Engineering for Electronics / Servo & Electro hydraulic solution. Sizing and selection of Servo and Hydraulics components. Programming and commissioning of Servo solutions for Plastics, Press, Printing , Metallurgy. Programming and commissioning for general automation applications. Commissioning of hydraulics valves , Hydraulic motion controllers with complete systems. AutoCAD Drawing preparation. Technical discussion with customer. […]

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Senior Engineer / Asst Manager_Engineering

Assessing RFQ & specification for providing technical proposals to customer. Motor sizing, dimensioning based on the requirements. Electrical circuit simulation and analyse simulation results for system and product impacts. Perform calculation for predicting the motor curve using manual method or MATLAB. Perform FEA analysis {Multi physics} to finalize parameters. Capable of adjusting design parameters (thermal […]

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