Safeguards Duty

Amid the Berserk of Safegaurd Duty, What Industry Expects Pre-Budget?

The few concerned areas for the Indian Solar industry jotted in a single piece with the existing and the recommended solutions as per Vikram Solar which is India’s one of the biggest Solar Module Manufacturer. Amidst the whole ruckus of the anti-dumping and safeguard scenario, the annual budget is very soon to be announced as […]

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70 percent Safeguards Duty on Solar to Put Rs 12,000 Crore Ventures in Danger

The Ministry of Finance, through its Standing Board of Safeguards, will take an ultimate choice on the burden of defending the duty either on the temporary or the last proposals of the Directorate General of Safeguards. Imposing 70 percent of safeguard duty on imported solar panels and modules from China and Malaysia, as suggested by […]

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