RenewSys India

RenewSys Expands Manufacturing Capacity at Facility in Bengaluru

RenewSys India has increased the manufacturing capacity of its Encapsulant (EVA & POE) lines to 3 GW and Backsheet capacity to 4 GW. RenewSys India has announced an increase in the manufacturing capacity of its Encapsulant (EVA & POE) lines to 3 GW (from its current 1.65 GW). Similarly, the Backsheet capacity is being expanded […]

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RenewSys India Launches Country’s First 6 BB Solar PV Cells

The high-efficiency 6BB cells with these improved designs, increase the module power output. RenewSys, India’s first integrated manufacturer of solar PV modules and its components – Encapsulants, Backsheets and Solar PV Cells, is the first Indian company to launch the production of six Bus Bar (6BB) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Cells and modules. The 6BB cells, […]

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Report on Quality Cell & Module Manufacturing with RenewSys

India’s solar power capacity as on July, 31, 2017 crossed 13 GW mark with states of Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu emerging as the leading green energy producers. Within this short duration the country has marked for itself, several accolades in the renewable energy sector, catching the eye of global investors. Interestingly during FY17, […]

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RenewSys steps in to start PV cell production in India

RenewSys India Pvt Ltd announces the start of its 100 MW brand-new PV Multi crystalline cell line at its Hyderabad factory. The European line has been commissioned with the help of Solsol, a leading German consultancy. Apart from the few Indian companies that have been making PV cells in India since many years, RenewSys believes […]

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100MW Solar Cell Line to Expand Hyderabad Facility – RenewSys India

RenewSys India (RIPL) has arranged a 100MW solar cell line from a European manufacturer to extend its own particular manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. According to the source, the new line will be consigned in 2016, will grow RIPL’s solar cell producing capacity to 130MW. Moreover, RIPL strategies to arrange another 100MW line from the same […]

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