Nayara Energy

Head-Supply Chain -Retail Engineering

Support procurement for  Vendor development  for retail engineering  Supply Items. Developing,reviewing,renewing specifications for Retail engineering supply items. Developing SOPs, Policies & Guidelines related to Retail Engineering Activities. Helping procurement for negotiations,rate builtup. Cost Optimisation New Ideas & implementation. Standardising Materials, machineries and Equipments Coordinating with vendors,zones and ensuring timely dispatches. Ensuring proactive action for filed […]

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CRISIL Warns About Government Plan to Add 78K Fuel Pumps

Ratings and advisory Firm CRISIL has released a report yesterday warning about the risks in the fresh wave of fuel pumps the government is planning. The warning comes at a time when the government’s own lead advisory, Niti Aayog, is pushing for a faster shift to EV’s. In a report titled ‘Outlet Overkill‘, CRISIL has […]

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