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Rajasthan Biggest Beneficiary Of Renewable Energy Lending: Report 

A latest report by Climate Trends and the Centre for Financial Accountability (CFA) on the financing of coal and renewable projects claimed that Rajasthan remained the largest beneficiary of renewable energy lending in the country. The study assessed 68 project finance loans across 11 coal and renewable energy projects in India that reached financial closure […]

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Solar Became Cheapest Fuel Source For Newly-Built Power Systems: EY

The latest report by Ernst and Young (EY) claimed that solar energy emerged as the cheapest fuel source for newly built power systems globally, fueling a faster energy transition. The report said that despite the challenges like inflation and price rises, solar power seemed to be the leader. It claimed that with its lowest Levelized Cost […]

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US Expected To Add 33 GW Of Solar Capacity In 2023: Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie, a research-based organization and SEIA (Solar Energy Industry Association), a solar industry association of the US shared an update on installed utility PV capacity in the US. Based on evidence, it estimates solar capacity can reach 4 GW by 2023. It showcases that the sector has achieved 58% growth compared to Q3 2022. […]

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Lack Of Climate Finance Hindering Global Renewable Deployment: IRENA

The recent report on energy transition and climate finance released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) underscores the pivotal role of the energy sector in reducing emissions, particularly in light of the updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) targets. The study reveals that 90% of participating parties have identified renewable energy generation as a key […]

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Energy Efficiency In G20 Countries Increased By Four Percent: IEA Report

A latest report of the International Energy Agency (IEA) on energy efficiency emphasized that a doubling of efficiency progress has the potential to reduce energy bills by one-third. It said that it has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 50% in 2030. The report underscores the pivotal role the G20 countries can […]

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Possible To Abate 400 Mt CO2 Emissions Globally With Carbon Capture: IEA

IEA (International Energy Agency) report on carbon capture and storage identifies challenges in deployment of clean energy technology and in reducing carbon emission. It also compares carbon capture technology, which based on technology for CO2 reduction, with solar PV (Photovoltaic) technology which aim at electricity generation. The report finds that, the depending on other variables […]

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Tripling RE Power With Efficiency Will Accelerate Fossil Phaseout: EMBER

Energy think-tank EMBER in its recent report, analyzed the impact of increasing renewables and doubling efficiency on phasing out of fossil fuels. The findings reveal that renewables contribute significantly to efficiency, delivering about 85% of the targeted fossil fuel cuts by 2030. EMBER indicates that, by 2035, renewables and efficiency alone can slash total CO2 […]

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Asia Likely To Have 55% Share Of Global Renewable Energy Jobs: IRENA

IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) recently released its world energy transition outlook report. Their report mentioned that Asia is expected to account for a 55% share of global renewable energy jobs, followed by Europe (14%), US (13%) and Sub-Saharan Africa (9%) till 2050 under 1.5-degree scenario. It adds that, the jobs are unevenly distributed as, […]

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EU Action Plan Proposes 40% Investment In Electricity Grids Till 2030

The European Union (EU) Commission released an ‘Action Plan’ which supports the European Green Deal. The Commission’s proposed action plan aims at supporting the Europe’s electricity demand, which is expected to increase by 60% till 2030. The prosed system is expected to help deliver a digitalized, decentralized and flexible system. It claims to accommodate millions […]

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