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Growing Prices Will Have No Effect On EV Adoption

In this conversation with SaurEnergy, Anand Kabra, Vice-Chairman and MD of Kabra ExtrusionTechnik Limited, whose EV vehicles and storage division, Battrixx, has grown at a staggering rate in FY ’22, talks about the firm’s plans and market in India. Battrixx, founded in 2018, is a division of Kabra Extrusion Technik Ltd, which belongs to the […]

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BYD To Start Supply of Batteries to Tesla Soon

In what could be a key moment in the global electric vehicle industry, BYD will be supplying its batteries to the leading electric vehicle seller in the world – Tesla. The China-based company’s senior executive Lian Yubo said during an interview with the state controlled media house that BYD will sell its batteries ‘very soon’ […]

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