IEEE Expert Insights -Tech That Paved the Way For E-Bike Boom

Millions of people across the world bought bicycles during the pandemic. For some, they were merely a means of going from point A to B without having to deal with the big crowds often present inside bus or train stations. For others, they were a form of recreation. While bikes have served us well over […]

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MNRE Releases Draft Standards for Utility Grid Inverters

In a key development, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has released the draft standards for “Technical requirements for Photovoltaic Grid Tie Inverters to be connected to the Utility Grid in India”. The notice calls upon industry stakeholders to provide their feedback and comments latest by April 30, 2020 for these standards, before […]

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A Rooftop Solar DC Power System Developed by IIT M Gets Award

Solar DC Power System developed by IIT Madras, comprises 0.9sqm solar panel of capacity and can power few fans, lights, a television, mobile charging, mixer grinder and computer that runs on DC current. A Solar DC Power System developed by IIT Madras, that can power a small home at lesser cost than a conventional solar […]

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IEEE Technology Foresee for the year 2016 – Clean & Renewable Energy Dominant Trend

2016 will witness an increased share of technological innovation in the energy sector with a focus on ‘global clean energy,’ reckons IEEE. The pioneer technology group experts perceives that newer and more efficient ways to consume energy using renewables sources as well as energy efficiency will be one main focus this year. The principal element of this revolution is […]

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