Stella Moto by Jaidka Group Officially Enters Indian EV Markets

The Jaidka Group-backed Stella Moto has entered the market for electric two-wheelers (e2W) in India. In the passenger and load carrier (L3) divisions, the Jaidka Group has been operating electric three-wheelers for the past six years. Stella Moto intends to put the most cost-effective electric vehicles on the road built around  innovation and high-quality products […]

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Eastman Auto Launches E-Rickshaw Awareness Meets in West Bengal

The company’s aim behind the campaign is to create awareness about the usage of e-rickshaw batteries and apprise the stakeholders of the factors that affect the performance of these batteries. Energy storage and solar solutions provider company Eastman Auto and Power Ltd (EAPL) has launched first of its kind e-rickshaw awareness drives in 10 districts […]

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