Ather Energy Drives Into Bihar With Experience Centre In Patna

Bengaluru-headquartered electric scooter manufacturer, Ather Energy has opened its first experience center, Ather Space, in Rukanpura, Patna, and has begun selling its products in Bihar. Ather Space, which was established in partnership with Alankar Energy, would provide test rides and purchases of the recently released Gen 3 versions of its flagship scooters, the Ather 450X, […]

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Ather Energy Inaugurates Second Manufacturing Unit in Tamil Nadu

Bengaluru-headquartered electric scooter manufacturer, Ather Energy recently opened a second manufacturing plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. To better meet the rising demand for its flagship scooters, the Ather 450X and 450 Plus, the brand will be able to increase its production capacity to 420,000 units annually with the aid of the 300,000-square-foot facility. The 300,000-square-foot […]

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Stella Moto by Jaidka Group Officially Enters Indian EV Markets

The Jaidka Group-backed Stella Moto has entered the market for electric two-wheelers (e2W) in India. In the passenger and load carrier (L3) divisions, the Jaidka Group has been operating electric three-wheelers for the past six years. Stella Moto intends to put the most cost-effective electric vehicles on the road built around  innovation and high-quality products […]

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Ather Energy to Launch Second E-scooter Mfg Facility in Tamil Nadu

Electric scooter brand Ather Energy has commissioned its second manufacturing facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, to cater to the growing demand of its electric scooters – the 450X and 450 Plus. The company plans to manufacture 400,000 units per annum, jumping from its current capacity of 120,000 units. Ather Energy had set up its first […]

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Simple Energy To Produce 1 Million E-scooter Units Annually at TN Plant

Bengaluru-based electric two-wheeler (E2W) maker Simple Energy has announced setting up its new production plant at Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Simple Energy‘s Hosur production plant will be developed around 200,000 sq ft and have a production capacity of up to 1 million units annually. The production plant is also expected to create 1,000 jobs, according to […]

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