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The Top 5: Challenges to EV Growth in 2023

The calendar year 2022 turns out to be a significant year for electric vehicles (EVs) with sales hitting new highs globally and in India.  According to data available at the VAHAN portal, EV sales grew from 3.2 lakh units in 2021 to nearly 10 lakh units in 2022, a growth of over 200 per cent. […]

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CEA Report: PV Price Forecasting Report (Q2 – 2022)

CEA (The Clean Energy Association) has published a research report entitled “PV Price Forecasting Report (Q2 – 2022)”. Recent months have seen significant changes in the solar sector as a result of supply constraints, increased costs, and logistical difficulties as well as rising energy demand and geopolitical tensions. The PV Price Forecasting Report is a […]

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