CEA Report: PV Price Forecasting Report (Q2 – 2022)

CEA (The Clean Energy Association) has published a research report entitled “PV Price Forecasting Report (Q2 – 2022)”. Recent months have seen significant changes in the solar sector as a result of supply constraints, increased costs, and logistical difficulties as well as rising energy demand and geopolitical tensions.

The PV Price Forecasting Report is a mandatory read for those looking to make wise sourcing decisions to stay ahead of the curve in the solar industry. It offers independent market intelligence on changes in global supply chains, precise forecasts for supply price scenarios, as well as supply and demand forecasts and analysis.

This report shares some interesting insights: “More than 285 GW of available polysilicon capacity is expected to be online by the end of 2022. This capacity will be sufficient to meet anticipated global installations of around 244 GW in 2022. Domestic polysilicon production totaled over 340,000 tonnes (over 126 GW) in the first half of 2022, with an additional 25,000 tonnes of polysilicon (over 9 GW) expected from non-China suppliers. As a result, polysilicon prices are forecast to drop throughout 2023 as sizable manufacturing capacities continue to come online.”


The report offers various insights into the solar PV industry and PV prices. Through this report, one will get a view of the following-

  • Various pricing hypotheses based on projections of the supply-demand imbalance and manufacturing regions
  • A breakdown of demand and supply in the world’s biggest areas
  • Diagrams that break down each price situation
  • For each PV module material, the price and component factors