EV Startup Toutche Expands Its Operations In UK & EU Regions

Indian electric bike (e-bike) start-up, Toutche Plans expansion into new markets and dynamic growth plans overseas. Along with continuing to grow its presence in India, Toutche Electric today announced that it is working on expanding its geographic footprint worldwide, with growth expected in the UK & EU regions. Further gaining its ground in the global […]

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Asia Held 92% Share in Global PV Module Production in 2020: Report

The recently published Photovoltaics Report, produced under Dr. Simon Philipps (Fraunhofer ISE) and Werner Warmuth (PSE Projects GmbH), explores key details about the photovoltaics manufacturing sector at the end of 2020 in Germany, the European Union and worldwide, including Asia. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, supported by PSE Projects GmbH, has been […]

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Arctic Green Energy and GIC to Jointly Decarbonsise Building Sector

Arctic Green Energy, an Iceland-based renewable firm, and GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, are partnering to drive the uptake of zero carbon district heating in Europe and Asia. Under the agreement, GIC will become an equity partner in Arctic Green Energy and commit a new injection of $240 million to support the expansion of the […]

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Shell & Uniper Sign MoU to Push Development of H2 Economy in Europe

Shell Gas & Power Developments B.V. and Uniper Hydrogen GmbH have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore accelerating the development of a hydrogen economy in Europe. Under the MoU, they intend to find joint opportunities to couple industrial and mobility demand with hydrogen supply, production and storage. The companies will begin by assessing the […]

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U.K. Poised to Become Net Energy Exporter to Europe in Near Future

Although the UK currently imports around 7% of its electricity from Europe, the tables are going to be turned soon, partly due to the on-going establishment of new links to the continent. Aiming to quadruple offshore wind capacity this decade, the UK could have excess power to send through those transmission lines. Consequently, the UK […]

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Norwegian Gen2 Partners with a Scottish Firm to Export Green H2 to U.K.

Gen2 Energy, a Norwegian green hydrogen producer, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Scottish firm Port of Cromarty Firth to create a commercial pathway for the export of green hydrogen from Norway into the UK energy market. The development is not only expected to provide security of supply to customers wanting to adapt green hydrogen […]

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SkySpecs Acquires Wind Energy Tech Companies Fincovi and Vertikal AI

Michigan-headquartered wind energy technology company SkySpecs announced today that it has acquired two of Europe’s premier wind energy companies: Fincovi, a leader in financial asset management, and Vertikal AI, a pioneer in predictive maintenance for wind energy. The combined entity brings together world-class data insight and automation to help wind farm owners and operators to […]

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Swedish Solar Installer SunRoof Raises €4.5 Million

Sweden based residential solar rooftops installer, SunRoof closed a Euro 4.5 million funding round led by Inovo Venture Partners, a Poland based investor which backs early-stage and post-traction startups. It was the second round of investment of the seed extension round in under six months, taking total funding to Euro 6.5 million. The funding was […]

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European Hydrogen Plans Expand, With 40,000 Km Pipeline Network by 2040

Industry association European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) has recently updated its vision for a dedicated hydrogen transport infrastructure across Europe, now proposing to build an 11,600 km (which was 6,800 km last year) hydrogen transportation network by 2030, which would come up to 39,700 km (as opposed to 23,000 km estimated last year) by 2040, aiming to […]

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