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5 Millennial and GenZ Heroes Who Vote For Solar

As a renewable source of energy, solar has been growing for the past decade. Growth rates for solar installs soared as high as 34% in 2022 and the momentum continues in 2023. And why shouldn’t it? Solar energy is clean, sustainable and nigh unlimited. Solar panels don’t require much in the way of maintenance except […]

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Tesla’s Reignites Ambitions for Setting Up EV Plant, Pushing EV Sales in India

American automotive giant Tesla is keen to extend its reach in India and is mulling over the domestic incentives that it can avail with relation to car and battery manufacturing. It held discussions with government officials recently towards this goal. Tesla is looking to establish a factory in India, where it aims to build electric […]

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After over 90% Erosion In Value, QuantumScape Future Has Many Possibilities

Wall Street has been ominous for most stocks in 2022, more so on smaller, unprofitable growing companies which are typically more sensitive to rising rates, inflation and supply chain challenges. The same has been the case with QuantumScape (QS) investors. QS stock is losing money and there are no product revenues. It is a special-purpose […]

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BYD To Start Supply of Batteries to Tesla Soon

In what could be a key moment in the global electric vehicle industry, BYD will be supplying its batteries to the leading electric vehicle seller in the world – Tesla. The China-based company’s senior executive Lian Yubo said during an interview with the state controlled media house that BYD will sell its batteries ‘very soon’ […]

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Tesla Nears Setting-up Electric Vehicle & Battery Factory in Indonesia

Leading EV seller Tesla is close to inking a pact that will allow the US-based company to set up an electric vehicle factory in Indonesia. The facility may come up in Central Java’s Industrial complex and it may also host manufacturing of EV batteries. As per reports, the construction could start by the end of […]

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Gallium Nitride Makes Progress As A Substitute To Elevated Lithium Prices

Since Lithium has become far too dear to afford, Gallium Nitride is being considered by many as a substitute. It not only offers higher energy density but also saves on weight. Tesla CEO Elon Musk will probably be pondering the question, as  even as traded lithium carbonate prices climbed 413 percent between January and December […]

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Judge sides with Elon Musk in lawsuit over SolarCity

A judge in the state of Delaware on Wednesday handed Tesla chief Elon Musk a victory in a shareholder lawsuit filed over the controversial buy of solar panel maker SolarCity. The judge ruled against a group of Tesla shareholders who contended that Musk, who was chairman of both Tesla and SolarCity at the time of […]

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Dependence on Lithium A Speed Breaker For EV Transition

Lithium supply chain risks are wrecking plans for the expansion of EVs as well as large storage. Among its other uses in renewable technology, lithium is a key element in electric car batteries. Electric car sales are at an all-time high, with companies including Tesla, Volkswagen, and Mercedes posting record shipments in the first three months of […]

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Tesla Decision To Scrap Charging Equipment with Electric Vehicles Draws Protests

In a surprising move leading electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has announced that it will no longer be providing charging equipment with its electric vehicles. This implies that electric vehicles can’t be charged at households. Founder Elon Musk said the new strategy is adopted because statistics show low usage of charging electric vehicles at homes. He […]

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