CrossBoundary Energy

Bank Of America, Crossboundary Partner for RE Expansion Across Africa

Renewable energy players, governments and financial institutions are leaving no stone unturned to expand the deployment of RE through pacts and agreements on the sidelines of COP-27. African renewable energy conglomerate CrossBoundary Energy has announced in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt at the COP27 about their intention to explore financing solutions with Bank of America to rapidly […]

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Report Highlights Risks From Inaccurate Irradiation Data To Solar Projects In Africa

A recent report developed by a solar electricity provider to African enterprises, CrossBoundary Energy (CBE), says that Data irregularities in estimating solar production can have significant impacts on both technical teams and solar buyers. Solar production/ solar irradiation is the measurement of how much sunlight shines in each location and therefore how much electricity a […]

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Measuring Solar Irradiation in Africa: A case for change

This report sheds light on how solar production estimates are made, the specific challenges faced in estimating solar irradiation in Africa today, and the negative consequences CBE has seen as a result of inaccurate estimates. By highlighting this issue, we aim to begin a broader conversation about how to raise the C&I industry standard for […]

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