Carbon Capture

Startup India & Avaana Climate Launch Grand Challenge for ClimateTech Innovation

Avaana Climate & Sustainability Fund, an early-stage VC that invests in disruptive technology-led climate startups, in collaboration with Startup India, a flagship initiative of the Government of India has unveiled the ‘Grand Challenge for ClimateTech Innovation’. This initiative aims to identify and support entrepreneurs building world-class solutions, to aid India and the entire world, in […]

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Possible To Abate 400 Mt CO2 Emissions Globally With Carbon Capture: IEA

IEA (International Energy Agency) report on carbon capture and storage identifies challenges in deployment of clean energy technology and in reducing carbon emission. It also compares carbon capture technology, which based on technology for CO2 reduction, with solar PV (Photovoltaic) technology which aim at electricity generation. The report finds that, the depending on other variables […]

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US, EU and Japan Lead in Carbon Capture and Storage Usage: Report

The European Union (EU) released a report sharing an ongoing trend in the usage of CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage). The report gives an assessment of 2022 global industry. The report states that the CCUS industry witnessed an increase in storage capacity by 44% over the year. However, the report anticipates that the cost […]

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SaurEnergy Explains – CCS and CCUS: Promise or Pipe Dream in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Oil and gas companies have been leaders in CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage) development. They operate five of the eight dedicated CO2 storage projects in operation and most of the existing CO2 pipelines. It’s marketed that the practice of capturing and storing carbon dioxide, rather than tackling the causes of the emissions themselves, could […]

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Five Reasons That Make Agrisolar Significant To The World

Agrivoltaics refers to the simultaneous use of land for agriculture and photovoltaic (PV) power generation. It is great idea for a country like India, where over 60% of land is employed for agriculture, and the  scarcity of land is a persistent problem thanks to an expanding population and urbanisation. Agrivoltaics offer a promising prospect in […]

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New York’s Solomon Community Solar Launches Carbon Offset Program

New York-based Solomon Community Solar has announced that it has launched a new program to address growing concerns about climate change called ‘ReBalance Green.’ Solomon Community Solar claims to be a leading community solar firm that has saved homeowners approximately $4.8 million every year in electricity costs. It markets community solar projects on behalf of […]

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German Energy Major RWE Invests USD 2 Billion In Renewables, Sees Profits In H1

In 2021, the German energy giant RWE onshore renewables segment underwent a significant overhaul. The division returns to profitability in the first half of 2022 after a weak first half of the 2021 result. The company claims that it invested €2 billion (US$2.04 billion) in the growth of its green portfolio during the first half […]

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Two RWE Projects Selected For EU Innovation Fund Grants

Renewable energy player RWE has said that two of its innovative projects have been pre-selected for funding by the EU Innovation Fund. The fund is claimed to be one of the world’s largest programmes for demonstrating innovative low-carbon technologies. These are RWE’s FUREC project in the Netherlands and an offshore wind farm off the German […]

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UK Carbon Capture Firm Storegga Raises £51.3m Funding

UK cleantech and renewable energy firms continue to get foreign capital every day. UK carbon capture firm Storegga has announced a £51.3m funding boost on May 17 from a host of international backers, a report mentioned adding further that UK firms enjoyed the confidence of international investors counting on it to drive the transition to […]

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