Purchasing Project Management

PPX Function Managing Projects for products of ED in India according to K2-K5 Process. Categorize parts, derive holistic Bundling strategy (e.g. Part families, Material, Clusters). Internal cooperation with PMQ, PURxy, PQT and PQA colleagues. Based on bundling, derive lean VQP and release strategy with M/PMQ function. Execute Sourcing of Components (PILUM, Technical Supplier Discussion, Technical […]

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Assistant Manager | Human Resources

CL Mgmt. (end to end) – Registers, RC & Contractors compliance. ESI & PF, PT, Bonus, LWF, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly & Annual returns. Factory license, Others Statutory compliance, BOAT compliance. Liaison with government officials/departments. Welfare – Canteen, Transport, Medical, Shoes & Uniform, Lockers, Admin activities. Vendor Management & Invoices clearance. Region cum industry benchmarking & […]

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DGM Engineering and Application

To develop Applications in Automation and Electrification Solutions. To develop competitive solutions for DC-AE Products and Applications. Following are the Playing fields which needs to be strengthen with his/her expertise. Printing applications namely CI Flexo, Rotogravure, Slitting, Screen printing, Laminators with Multi axis applications. Packing applications like News paper printing, Automatic Vertical and Horizontal form […]

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Project Responsible Intergration

Implementation of project specific SW changes (Configuration files, BB number, function switch update, etc.) Measuring, tracking of micro-controller resources and maintaining EEPROM layout for project life cycle Monitor and track Errata, perform CSW-Static IT checks and check quality guidelines according to Quality assessment. Responsible for SW sample/series releases  with required artifacts (SDP,  EEPROM container , […]

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Assistant Manager Procurement/Material Planner

Overall responsibility of material planning and procurement for ICO Logistic value stream and Ensuring all defined KPI result. Reporting to Internal cross function team and GAP Analysis on Backlog reduction for ICO  parts Overall responsibility for local Indian vendors for all procurement activities Process mapping of complete supply chain, identify scope for digitization/IT integration, propose […]

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European Hydrogen Plans Expand, With 40,000 Km Pipeline Network by 2040

Industry association European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) has recently updated its vision for a dedicated hydrogen transport infrastructure across Europe, now proposing to build an 11,600 km (which was 6,800 km last year) hydrogen transportation network by 2030, which would come up to 39,700 km (as opposed to 23,000 km estimated last year) by 2040, aiming to […]

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Bosch Signs 3 Long-Term Agreements to Procure Solar Power

Bosch has signed three exclusive long-term purchasing agreements for solar electricity with the providers RWE, Statkraft, and Vattenfall. Bosch is expanding in-house power generation at its locations and is set to be a long-term customer of renewable electricity from newly constructed wind and solar parks. To this end, the supplier of technology and services has […]

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Bosch Launches App With Access to 150K EV Chargers Across Europe

Bosch has launched its proprietary EV charging network and application (App) that offers users access to around 150,000 EV charging spots across Europe. Global automotive parts supplier Bosch has announced the launch of its proprietary EV charging network and application (App) –  Charge My EV – that offers electric vehicle (EV) drivers access to around […]

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Bengaluru International Airport Partners with Bosch India to Generate Solar Power for its Operations

With solar power usage, Bengaluru International Airport is expected to help reduce CO2 emissions by 3625 tonnes per annum. Bosch Limited, a leading supplier of technology and services, has commissioned two solar power projects for the Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) the first project of 440kW has been installed in the car park area in […]

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