Alex Kosyakov

Natrion Demonstrates Solid-State Feasibility with Lithium EV Battery Cells

New York-based Natrion, which delves in solid-state electric vehicle battery technology, has revealed data on the performance of its patented compounds in lithium-metal anode pouch cells. Natrion said that the results showed a dramatic milestone in commercial solid-state Li-metal battery feasibility by demonstrating high C-rate capability and cycle life without the use of stack pressure. […]

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Natrion Unveils New Battery Components that Reduce Fire Risks

New York-based solid state electric vehicle battery technology player – Natrion – has unveiled performance metrics for its patented solid-electrolyte separator in Li-ion battery cells using graphite anode. This comes as more and more reports of lithium battery fires make headlines. Natrion said that the new material, LISIC278, is a version of Natrion’s patented Lithium […]

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