ITEHIL- Most Powerful 2200Wh Solar Power Station

ITEHIL- Most Powerful 2200Wh Solar Power Station

Product Brief: ITEHIL is the revolutionary solar power station that provides an unrivaled 2200Wh capacity and 2000W output, which is your perfect companion whenever you need power.

PRODUCT FEATURES: Equipped with 16 different power outputs, it has Lithium-iron Phosphate battery cell with a life of 10 to 15 years. Featuring 2200Wh monstrous capacity and 2000w output, that is ecofriendly and extremely safe to use.  With an innovative solar panel that allows you to charge it anywhere you go, you’ll always be ready.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: Portable solar power station

PRODUCT BENEFITS: ITEHIL is powerful enough to power your entire kitchen even when a power outage happens. It has managed to support all power tools as well. It is able to charge a variety of devices, all the way from laptops, phones, routers, minifridges, blenders, and even projectors during camping. ITEHIL can even power a TESLA for an extra 8 miles!

AVAILABILITY: The product is available in various options; Super Early Bird: ITEHIL for INR 65,672. IGG Special: Solar Panel for INR for INR 14,536. IGG Special: Power Pack for INR 51,060. It is available at firm’s website

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