Ginlong’s String Inverters

Ginlong’s String Inverters

String Inverters

Product Brief: Ginlong Corporation has launched new high performing, safe and smart PV inverters, both for single and three phase applications, the Solis 4G and Solis HV series.

Product Feature: Models comply with AS4777.2:2015, with multiple fault protections levels. Both the Solis-4G and Solis-HV series have RS485, WiFi/GPRS and Ethernet interface available

Application: Full range from domestic 1kW installations through to 50MW++ utility connections

Benefits: The Solis-4G single-phase series with high switch frequency technology makes the inverter smaller and smarter. Single-board design reduces the risks caused by the connectors between the PCB board and the ultra-wide input voltage range reduces temperature increases, improving life-time reliability of the inverter. The latest generation components from international suppliers increase performance and efficiency throughout. The Solis-HV high voltage three phase series adopt four MPPT algorithms to ensure the high energy-transfer efficiency. Anti-resonance technology enables the connection of 6M+ inverters in parallel. With advance commercial site monitoring solutions, improved design and intelligent internal air circulation the max efficiency is over 99% and the THD is lower than 3%, according to the company.

Availability: Available

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