Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi To Get A 7 MW Masdar Built Solar Rooftop

Masdar, or the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company PJSC, will be building the largest solar rooftop project in Abu Dhabi soon. The 7 MW capacity structure will power Warner Bros World, another entertainment addition to the city, coming up on Yas island. Masdar was selected for the job by Miral, a domestic entertainment firm representing  the American entertainment giant .

The rooftop project is expected to meet almost 40 percent of the energy needs of the theme park, according to Masdar. With the whole end to end contract including maintainance, the project could be a signature project  in the rooftop space for Masdar in the region. With an economy that lays great store on tourism, and multiple attractions created for tourists, Masdar says that this 7 MW plant will make Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi the largest solar powered theme park in the Gulf cooperation Council region.

The firm shared that 16,000 solar modules will be installed on an area of 36,000 sq m for the project.

Rooftop solar is expected to grow strongly now, not just in the gulf but across most key markets. So far, it has been markets like the US and Australia where it has done well, with the commercial and industrial sector doing particularly well in the past three years across most markets.

Higher visibility and acceptance could signal a resurgence in the residential sector too, with the right policy environment.

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