Solis Conferred With Best Power Conversion System Supplier Award

Solis Conferred With Best Power Conversion System Supplier Award

Ginlong Technologies (Solis), a global leader in solar photovoltaic string inverter manufacturing, has won the ‘Best PCS Supplier Award’ in China’s energy storage industry 2020 at the 10th China International Energy Storage Conference in Shenzhen.

“We are honoured to have won this award, which is the market’s recognition of Solis’ products,” said Sandy Woodward, Sales Director – Europe. “The energy storage segment has grown rapidly and we are expanding our solutions to ensure suitability for home energy storage systems all over the world.”

The Solis hybrid storage inverter is the best choice for integrated storage solutions connected to the grid, with this new technology it can choose the power consumption mode in real-time according to the market electricity price saving system owners money, it can also be set to run separately from the power grid helping to drive less reliance on weak grids and promote energy independence.

Some of the advantages of Solis Hybrid RHI-(3-6)K-48ES-5G inverter series are:

• Uninterruptible power supply switching within 20ms

• 5 kW rated off-grid power supply capacity

• No fan design, for longer service life

• Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) to improve battery reliability

• 24-hour intelligent energy management, for a real-time grasp of PV power status

• Peak shaving and valley filling to improve grid friendliness

• One-touch remote control and upgrade function via Solis Monitoring platform make maintenance quick and hassle-free.

This inverter is compatible with many market-leading lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and adopts high-frequency isolation technology makings the system safer and giving it a longer life, in few words this inverter reduces the cost for the owners and give them the security of inexhaustible energy.

In July, Solis was awarded the “All Quality Matters” award for its commercial inverters Solis-(25-50) K-5G in recognition of the outstanding product quality in 2020, by TÜV Rheinland.

“All Quality Matters” was a ceremony is where the measured results of the efficiency of “PV Inverter for Commercial Use (50kW)” were published. These measures are designed to verify the main indicators affecting the power generation of the photovoltaic system through the long-term rigorous test data records of the photovoltaic inverter, which have been recognized and supported by industry experts, authorities, owners and manufacturers.

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