MYSUN launches one-stop solar marketplace to solarize 10 million rooftops by 2022

Driven by the mission to bring solar energy to every person’s life, MYSUN, an engineering and technology-based marketplace for everything solar, has announced the commencement of its operations in India. MYSUN is envisioned as a one-stop solar marketplace that helps consumers understand and evaluate their solarisation potential and associated savings. It creates a convenient and guided buying environment for consumers by providing competitive pricing, rated vendors, quality standards, advanced engineering tools and financing options, all at one unique platform ‘‘itsmysun’’, an online portal.

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Although Solar has grown very rapidly over the last 2-3 years, totaling about 7GW of installed capacity today, most of this growth has come from large scale solar power projects, which does not solve India’s primary power problems – transmission and distribution in-efficiencies and land acquisition. To find a sustainable, economical and scalable energy source for our large and diverse country, we need to adopt rooftop solar on a large scale. The Government of India’s bold Solar Mission target of 100GW has earmarked a substantial 40GW for rooftop solar alone. However, the progress on this front has been limited.

The cost of solar power has dropped to less than grid tariffs for millions of consumers across India. But still, rooftop solar deployment has been quite restricted. MYSUN identifies the lack of awareness and difficulty in buying solar as one of the primary reasons for this. The consumers are not aware that buying solar is a need today and it’s a great financial investment too, apart from its environmental benefits.

On the industry side, there are a number of solar installers, developers and other stakeholders. However, due to traditional business models and low market reach, conversion rates and productivity, high overheads and equipment costs, the industry has not been able to make a big impact in the rooftop solar segment.

Identifying this unaddressed gap, a group of solar professionals with a shared conviction that every person in India should reap the benefits of solar energy came together to build MYSUN, thus beginning this unique journey. Combining their decade long experience in the Indian Solar Industry and an understanding of the need of digitizing solar, the team at MYSUN is striving to tap 10 million rooftops by 2022.

Gagan Vermani, Founder & CEO, MYSUN said, “MYSUN attempts to impact the solar industry in such a manner so as to bring about a paradigm shift in the way solar is perceived, bought and sold today. The consumer of energy is at the fore-front of our business philosophy as we believe the time has come for the consumers to start demanding solar. Whether Rural or Urban, Residential or Commercial, our ultimate objective is to make your relationship with solar easy, personalized and delightful.”

MYSUN, is committed to bringing technology-backed value added services for the consumers as well as the industry stakeholders, with a strong focus on catalyzing the non-utility solar energy landscape in the country. The process of buying a solar system can be complicated and there is no easy, transparent way to evaluate and select service providers or financing alternatives. By simplifying and tailoring solar for all kinds of requirements, MYSUN strives to ensure that the power to purchase the most suitable solar products lies firmly in one pair of hands – the consumer’s.

Source: Businesswire

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