Maire, Mytilineos Conduct Joint Feasibilty Study on Green H2 Plant in Italy

In a joint statement released yesterday, Italy-based Maire Tecnimont’s subsidiary NextChem and Greece-based MYTILINEOS’ Renewable and Storage Development Business Unit (RSD BU) announced their signing of an agreement to together carry out a feasibility study for the development of a green hydrogen plant in Italy.

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NextChem is Maire Tecnimont’s subsidiary operating in the field of green chemistry and technologies for energy transition.

MYTILINEOS, through its RSD BU, is a market leader in the development, construction and operation of utility-scale solar and hybrid power projects with a proven track record of over 1 GW of medium to large scale solar projects worldwide and battery storage installations.

The companies said that under the agreement, the RSD BU will leverage NextChem and Maire Tecnimont Group’s know-how and engineering expertise in hydrogen technologies to grow in the hydrogen business.

The project, which will convert renewable energy from one of MYTILINEOS’ solar plants into green hydrogen, to be followed by other plants as well, aims to provide local off-takers with a carbon neutral energy carrier alternative that could allow for effective decarbonization including in hard-to-abate industrial sectors.

Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO of Maire Tecnimont Group and NextChem, said, “We have four technological solutions for hydrogen production in our portfolio, with different levels of carbon intensity. Among these, green hydrogen is the most ambitious one from an economic and environmental point of view and we are already working on it, both in Italy and abroad. This collaboration with MYTILINEOS is extremely promising.”

Nikos Papapetrou, GM of the RSD Business Unit, stated, “Italy represents one of our key markets in Europe and we are excited to start the development of our first Green Hydrogen Pilot Project in partnership with Nextchem in the Country. We aim to expand this Business Model in all the countries where we are currently developing Renewable Energy Systems (RES).”

The development of the plant’s capacity for the green hydrogen production is of top priority, both for Italy and for the European Union, to contribute to the European goals of carbon neutrality and accelerate the energy transition in civil and industrial sectors.

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