LONGi, JinkoSolar, JA Solar Advocate M10 Module Standardisation

Chinese solar PV manufacturers JA Solar, JinkoSolar, and LONGi have released a joint statement to announce they have reached a consensus on the standardisation of PV modules produced that are based on M10 wafers.

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The standardization scheme of modules 182mm (M10) wafers, as agreed by the three parties is as follows:

  1. The size of 54-cell modules: 1722mm * 1134mm, mounting hole spacing: 1400mm;
  2. The size of 72-cell modules: 2278mm * 1134mm, mounting hole spacing: 400mm, 1400mm;
  3. The size of 78-cell modules: 2465mm * 1134mm, mounting hole spacing: 400mm, 1200mm/1500mm.

“Since the joint launch of the M10 type wafer standard by JA Solar, Jinko Solar and LONGi Solar in June 2020, the wafer size has been gaining widespread recognition and acceptance in the PV industry,” said the statement.

“However, due to the differences in the technical roadmap, design concept and installation mode followed by different manufacturers, the standards of the same type of modules vary in their lengths, widths and mounting hole spacings despite being based on the same M10 wafer technology,” it added.

This variance, the company believes, makes it difficult to achieve the standardisation of component specifications and the reduction of manufacturing costs. As a result, the upstream and downstream coordination is getting affected in addition to system design and installation issues.

In order to counter this situation and promote the sustainable development of the PV industry, JA Solar, Jinko Solar and LONGi Solar have reached a consensus on the standardization of modules that are based on M10 wafers, so as to “jointly advocate and promote the standardization and healthy development of PV industry.”

In mid-June, they jointly published a white paper intended to show what they believe are the advantages for developers of large scale PV projects of using photovoltaic modules manufactured with M10, 182mm wafers. In November 2020, the three manufacturers stated their combined production capacity of PV panels based on 182mm wafers would reach 54 GW in 2021.

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