Hong Kong’s CyberPort Gets An Innovative Solar Rooftop From NEFIN

Hong Kong’s CyberPort Gets An Innovative Solar Rooftop From NEFIN

Solar photovoltaic (PV) developer and investor in carbon neutrality solutions, NEFIN Group, has announced the start of its solar system installation at Hong Kong’s Cyberport Business Centre, a key fintech hub in the city state. Nefin was appointed by Hong Kong Cyberport (Cyberport).

Nefin claims that its system overcomes space and loading constraints of most buildings while safeguarding building structure.

The project adopts a dual-purpose solar panel system comprising both traditional rigid solar panels and flexible solar panels catered to fit different rooftop loading capacity.

The traditional way of setting up rigid solar panels makes use of long plinths or bricks to support the panels on rooftops. However this “counter weight” installation method does not suit all existing buildings. While this method complies with international and local codes and regulations, the weight of the system may exceed the loading limit of a rooftop. The installation also involves direct bolting to the floor to safely secure the panels, which may damage the surface and the water proofing layer of rooftops.

This project has adopted an innovative approach to installation. By directly fixing the flexible PV panels to the roof surface, wind-load and dead-load are significantly reduced, allowing for the full utilisation of the available structural loading of the roof and hence, maximize the overall solar plant capacity. This is a convenient and innovative alternative for corporations seeking renewable energy solutions and carbon neutrality.

Each of the low reflectance PV panels utilised in the Cyberport’s solar power system carries multiple sensors that measure solar radiance and environment changes. These sensors collect scientific data to measure system performance which can be further utilised to develop an advanced monitoring system, facilitating the development of environmental technology and renewable energy in Hong Kong.

Chief Executive Officer of NEFIN Group, Mr Glenn Lim, commented, “This particular type of solar PV system provides a convenient carbon neutrality solution for facility owners who were once hindered by space constraint. It is particularly suitable for corporations that are focused on corporate social responsibilities and ESG commitment.”

Covering two upper roofs and an accessible roof of Cyberport 4, the solar power system is expected to generate power of 66,000 kWh each year, equivalent to offsetting 46,860 kg of CO2 emission, or driving.

Nefin has been founded by a core management team of DuPont Solar Business and has collectively delivered over 300MW of utility-scale, commercial, and industrial rooftop solar systems regionally.

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