Freyr Energy Seeks A Growth Surge With App Launch

Freyr Energy Seeks A Growth Surge With App Launch

Hyderabad based Freyr Energy, which is focused in the rooftop solar sector with a strong presence in the commercial and residential rooftop segments, has set its sights on a larger national presence. To achieve this, the firm has launched a mobile app- SunPro+ exclusively for solar users, that it claims will help potential customers through the full journey from interest to installation and beyond. The app is available on both the android playstore and appstore.

Company co-founder and Managing Director Saurabh Marda said that “we realise that despite the immense case for solar energy today, access to information and the lack of transparency is the biggest challenge for prospects. With the SunPro+ App, we want to set a benchmark in terms of what customer experience should be when he/she decides to go for a solar system. SunPro+ helps customers make the switch to solar confidently and realize their goals, whether that is maximizing savings in electricity bills, switching to a clean source of power among other benefits.”

Co-Founder Radhika Choudary added that the app is also a step to streamline the firm’s lead generation pipeline, to better manage leads, as well as help prospects, stay informed and track the progress of their queries better.

Both the founders were confident that such an app does not exist, with most existing apps serving either as marketplaces to link potential consumers with vendors or serving customers post-installation to track consumption, etc.

In terms of share of the business, Freyr energy has a large presence in the commercial and industrial sectors, which delivers the majority of its revenues. Residential rooftop comes in at around 15 percent, while the government sector is another 10 percent. The firm hopes to make bigger gains in the residential segment, with solar projects across 22 states to showcase for now. The spokesperson also informed Saur Energy that they are empaneled to provide subsised solar installations in  Telangana, Puducherry, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, and Mizoram.

Talking about residential subsidies, Mr. Marda was clear that the end might be near, perhaps in the next two years. ” Residential tariffs are usually lower than industrial tariffs, so the subsidy is certainly a welcome push to convert, but even there, effective ROI for every lac invested can be as high as 30 percent, so we see a very strong case for the market even without subsidies eventually”. The firm claims that it has faced no problems using India made components, except in inverters, where imported options score over domestic supplies.

Keeping up, Getting Ahead ?

With the rooftop market growing by 30-40 percent every year, on a base of 1.5 GW last year, the firm sees huge potential, especially in the context of India’s original rooftop hare of 40 GW in the 100 GW target for 2022. While that target might be a certain miss for the government, even a concerted effort to enable the industry to catch up can create huge opportunities in terms of jobs, investment and clean energy, something the firm, like thousands of others in the rooftop segment, is betting on.

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