Century PlyBoard Goes with GoodWe For 2.8 MW Solar Project

Century PlyBoard Goes with GoodWe For 2.8 MW Solar Project GoodWe Inverter 250 kW

Century Plyboard Industries Limited, a leading plyboard manufacturer has gone with GoodWe’s HT-250KW inverters for its solar plant at the manufacturing site in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The inverters will power a 2.8 MW capacity plant that will serve the needs of the factory.

For Century, a manufacturer, seller and exporter of plywoods, laminates, doors, PVCs and veneers that it markets under the  brand – Century Ply, including exports to over 20 countries, the green energy is a key part of its efforts to make its business more sustainable. As the largest seller of of multi-use plywood and decorative veneers in the Indian organized plywood market, adding green energy to its input mix also helps the firm burnish its green credentials.

Importantly, the shift to renewable energy is also a clear investment to cut down costs and boost profitability by harnessing Solar Power at its units. This was among the cost-cutting measures initiated by the company for units across the country.


The Hoshiarpur site is on a hilly region and since, the project commissioning was done during peak winter season, the team had to face cold waves and problem of zero visibility due to fog. Also, the installation was done in the outskirts of the factory site where the ground was uneven which led to difficulties in transportation. The Factory boundary is fenced but the forest area is very near, which also led to risk of wild animals entering the premise.

2.8 MW solar plant at Century Plyboard, Punjab

A view of the Solar Plant

There are also defined protocols & strict guidelines in terms of working hours. The team has exactly 8 hours to work per day and had to finish the project within limited timeline. Moreover, the factory had numerous safety & Covid testing guidelines as protective measures.

The installation & technical parameters were quite high and the team had to ensure that the Quality of work is not compromised. The look, including 360-degree view of the project, cable length, canopy all had to be perfect as the project was also monitored at every angle through CCTVs.


The 2.8 MW project is one of the biggest Ground Mounted Utility Scale Solar Project with 10 of GoodWe’s HT-250KW inverters powering the plant. With cutting edge technology and an extensive list of features, the HT series promises more yield, increased reliability, lower O&M costs, increased safety, and remote monitoring, making solar projects highly reliable. For Century, the plant will offer a template for more plants across locations as it takes the learnings and best practices from the experience.

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