AWS Truepower acquires the energy-related forecasting assets of MESO

AWS Truepower acquires the energy-related forecasting assets of MESO

AWS Truepower

AWS Truepower has announced that it has acquired the energy-related forecasting assets from its long-term partner MESO, Inc.

AWS Truepower collaborated with MESO Inc. for years in providing wind and solar power forecasting services to the utility and renewable energy industries around the world. With this partnership, AWS Truepower has become the top wind and solar forecaster in North America, with forecasts being provided for over 50,000 MW of capacity.

MESO and AWS Truepower have also worked closely together on numerous ground-breaking research projects around forecasting and grid integration, and MESO has provided key support for the development of AWS Truepower’s wind mapping and modeling systems.

The acquisition of MESO’s forecasting assets occurred on April 1, 2016. MESO’s 14 staff joined AWS Truepower as part of the company’s Grid Solutions business unit. John Zack, who is President of MESO, will lead the new unit as Vice President for Grid Solutions.

By joining together, we expect to achieve even more success in the future,” said Bruce Bailey, CEO of AWS Truepower. “This move consolidates the MESO and AWS Truepower operations, enabling us to serve our clients more effectively, and positions us to invest in new markets for forecasting and other grid solutions.”

I’m very excited to be joining the company I’ve worked with so closely over the years,” commented Zack. “My former MESO colleagues bring a lot of skills and experience that I feel confident will help AWS Truepower grow and succeed, not just in forecasting, but in other areas. We are all looking forward to the new opportunities that will be facilitated by the integration of MESO and AWS Truepower capabilities.”

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