Viz-A-Viz with Manish Aggarwal, Managing Director, Enkay Solar Power

Viz-A-Viz with Manish Aggarwal, Managing Director, Enkay Solar Power

Q. In present scenario where technology changes frequently, how do you manage to upgrade your technology?

As we are new entrants in this field, we were able to induct the state-of-art machinery, therefore up-gradation is not an issue. For instance when we started our production line 4BB cells technology was prevailing. Last year we up-graded to 5BB and we have the capability to go up to 6BB. However, each upgradation is a cost to us.

Q. While dealing with project owners how do you manage the cost factor?

manish aggarwal md enkay solar power

Manish Aggarwal, Managing Director, Enkay Solar Power

As far as Indian developers are concerned they are not interested in buying the Modules from us because of the reason that the bankers who finance their projects wants Tier 1 Company panels to be used in the projects. Who are these Tier 1 companies, is quite a mystry.

More so, the certifications and processes which have to be followed while manufacturing panels are same across the board. We had taken up this matter with MNRE and are hoping that this is resolved. Once we all are on the same playing field, managing cost will not be an issue. It will rather give us an opportunity to supply modules to bigger projects.

Q. As safeguard duty is implemented in India, how it will affect the cost to you?

Safeguard duty had already being imposed on us as we are paying 25% safeguard duty on import of cells. But after the notification from Ministry of Finance we are giving bond instead of cash till 27th August before the hearing of Orissa High Court. In the bond it is mentioned that we would pay the safeguard duty on the material we import during this tenure. Big names who are importing the panels and also availing SEZ benefits and selling material in Indian market would become expensive by 25% which will open up the sale of small and medium scale industries like us.

Q. Currently, on which projects you are working on?

Because of the fact that currently market is very slow as the duty matter is not yet over and project are on hold. Meanwhile, we have taken this opportunity to focus on research and development to further enhance our e-rickshaw solar panels. We are the first one to develop Solar Panel for E rickshaw which increases there mileage upto 40 kms per day.

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