“Making Components In House Gives us a Huge Advantage Over Competitors”

“Making Components In House Gives us a Huge Advantage Over Competitors” Jigar Desai, Founder And CTO, Rydot Infotech

Rydot Infotech, a Gujarat based firm which also offers a solar monitoring solution has tasted success with its offerings. Riding the solar wave in India, the role such monitoring devices can play in better maintainance and consequently productivity and returns is vital. Rydot’s ‘Radiant’ offering is seeking a high growth in the coming quarters. We spoke to Jigar Desai, Founder And CTO, on the firm’s plans.

Q. Tell us about your solar monitoring device and the business model behind it.

jigar desai, Founder and CTO, Rydot Infotech

Jigar Desai, Founder and CTO, Rydot Infotech

Our solar monitoring device – “Radiant” is an IoT gateway in the core that collects data from various devices like inverters, energy meters and weather stations and publishes the same to our cloud in a secure manner in real time. This real time data can create various benefits for users of solar farm and we leverage annual cost based on those benefits. Our business model is very much clear that we will have our partner network of EPC contractor and SI’S.

Q. Does it work across all categories of users?

We have created various models of Radiant device that fit in all types of installations. We have smaller Radiant device that fits in roof top installation and one extensive advanced model that gives all required features for commercial installations.

Q. How do you differentiate from other monitoring apps available in the market ? How competitive is this market?

We have all technologies under single roof that allows us to develop a seamless IoT system. Various components of our Radiant system like IoT device, installation hardware, cloud software, backend intelligence, AI/ML models for prediction are all made by us from scratch. This gives us huge advantage from our competitors.

Q. How do you market and distribute your solution currently? 

We are in process to have system integrators and EPC contractors registered with us for increasing footprint for this solution.

Q. How big is your installed base currently?

We have various sites ranging from 2kW to 12 MW.

Q. Are you planning for more products and services in the renewable energy space?

Yes, we are actually planning to develop IoT systems for pure water and pure air monitoring systems.

Q. Rooftop solar in India has lagged behind so far. Do you see the picture changing in the future?

Yes of course. More people are going for rooftop installations and our device helps them in maintaining the solar panels for long time hence giving them more financial output.

Q. What attracted you to build a solution for the solar market?

The solar industry is booming right now but the main problem with solar panels is they require continuous maintenance and cleaning for maximum output. Our systems come into play at this stage and help user to plan the maintenance and reduce maintenance cost which increases their financial gains.

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