Winning of Rs 2.90/kWh Renewable+Storage Tender by Renew Power Might be the Biggest Event of 2020 for Renewables, in terms of impact.

In a recent tender for Round-The-Clock (RTC) supply of 100 percent renewable energy (RE) power with storage, the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has discovered a levelised tariff of Rs 3.52/kWh for 15 years. The bid was won by Renew Power. On the significance of this development for the renewables industry in India, we bring you some views and voices from the industry.

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Manish Das, Co-Founder, Skilancer Solar

Manish Das, Co-Founder, Skilancer SolarAs energy transformation is knocking on India’s door, this deal serves to be a positive step in the direction of India looking to increase its RE sector as a whole. The fact that this tender provides for round-the-clock energy supply from 100 percent RE based energy generation sources, such as wind and solar PV, combined with storage will help the country increase its alternative efficiency.

With further innovation in renewable technologies, it is expected that the intensity of energy generation may soon become such that the domestic or household sector may become a generator and feed into the grid rather than draw from it. With a growing manufacturing industry, population and subsequent infrastructure demands, India’s need for renewable and on-demand energy supply is also increasing simultaneously and this event is a big step towards changing the entire ecosystem in India.

Vivek Chaturvedi, Regional Business Director Solar – India, ME & Africa, DSM

Vivek Chaturvedi, Regional Business Director Solar - India, ME & Africa, DSMIt was a matter of when and not if! Breaching the Rs 3/- barrier, and ensuring supply of renewable power after sunset and/or when the wind is not blowing, is indeed a big step towards grid parity in real sense. Coming from a player like Renew, makes it reliable and sustainable in every way, and in the long-term, can lead to large-scale adoption of renewable energy with storage, and accelerate growth of the industry.

Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)

Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)The future renewable projects in India will see storage as a component. MNRE and SECI should ensure the timely implementation and commission of such projects.

This effort by the government during COVID-19 situation ensures the government’s commitment to the renewable and energy storage industry.

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Manu Tayal

Manu is an Associate Editor at Saur Energy International where she writes and edits clean & green energy news, featured articles and interview industry veterans with a special focus on solar, wind and financial segments.