Staten Solar Introduces Levee Mount Solar System

Staten Solar Introduces Levee Mount Solar System

Staten Solar Intorduces Levee Mount Solar System

Staten Solar of Silicon Valley has various agricultural solar activities in Central Valley, Terra Bella, Ducor and Delano. The problem about wastage of productive agricultural land Staten Sun oriented thought of an ingenious arrangement with favorable circumstances that go past the standard advantages of aggri-voltaic.

Staten Solar introduces solar power panels along the levees of the watering lagoons, to keep away from wastage of space in the ranch. This sort of creative mounting framework is known as a Levee Mount and according to the reports, Staten Solar claims to be the first organization on the planet to outline and build it.

Ranchers build lagoons to pool water for any sediment to settle so it won’t clog sensitive drip irrigation frameworks.

A 500 kW solar system covers around 2 acres of land area. However, by deliberately putting solar panels along the levees of the lagoon, 20-30% of the area utilized is spared.

This additionally keeps away from deforestation.

Presently, the company has successfully accomplished Levee mount tasks in Ducor which is 522 kW, one in Terra Bella of 393kW limit and another 522kW task near Delano said sources.

By putting resources into such a solar power establishment at their cultivating and water pumping areas, these ranchers will have the capacity to handle every single farming test head on, by diminishing expenses and preparing for more reasonable operations.

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