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Energos Technologies

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Key operational areas (Products, Regions, Clients) – USA, India and Australia based Edge AI company, Energos is aiding the removal of humans’ reliance on old dirty centralised power grids, to usher in a new decarbonised, prosumer-based green energy economy by automation of autonomous self-optimising distributed energy systems. The company is working towards a ‘green internet’ by building an Edge AI hardware and software platform to manage intermittent energy supplies, with minimal human interference.

Founding Members detail: Rajesh Solanki is the founder & CEO of Energos while Anees Mir is the co-founder & CTO of the company. Rajesh Solanki is a repeat entrepreneur and has vast experience in building cross border tech companies. Energos prides on a very experienced and talented global team spread across USA, Australia, and India.

Anees Mir is an expert in areas related to AI, IOT, machine learning and energy efficiency technologies. He is a software engineer and did his engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology in 2001.

Turning Point for the firm

One of best thing was getting support from large partners like Shell, Energy Australia and other energy retailers to offer new age digital energy services to business customers. It helps large multi-site businesses to achieve their net zero carbon goals.

Plans in next 3 to 5 years

We plan to put our understanding of the sector and mentorship provided by Shell under its E4 scale track programme into play and grow in our sector.

As electricity grids transition from large centralized coal plant-based grids to distributed energy systems with several renewables, storage and EVs in the network, Energos build deep tech to balance the varying demand with intermittent supply.

The Mumbai and US based Energos believes that its Edge AI device, YIVObot, is the solution to maintaining the resilience and reliability of a distributed grid while also optimising its performance by selftuning.

Its patented automatically optimizes and automates the multidirectional energy flow in distributed energy systems at each microgrid level and distributed grid level.

Biggest Attraction in the sector

More than ever before, businesses have set up finite 2030 carbon reduction goals under their sustainability initiatives, believes Rajesh Solanki. To achieve these targets, they are investing to reduce their energy consumption and costs while also investing in renewables, storage and EV charging infrastructure.

Present State of Mind

Solanki believes that many energy services companies across the globe are at the forefront of the space, and well positioned to adopt these new digital technologies to serve their business customers better. This presented the perfect opportunity to position into the new energy tech ecosystem, driving the smart energy ‘hub’ to a low emissions future.

The current halt in economic activities due to coronavirus has led to a global reduction in pollution. That is a huge validation that our economic activity should shift to a decarbonized future. Energos’ Edge AI technology can help work towards this transition, producing a decarbonised, new prosumer-based green energy economy.

Article was originally carried in Saur Energy Magazine

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