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The Sunshine Sector’s Gender Challenge

Why the solar sector needs to have more women As yet another International Women’s Day (IWD) came around on 8th March this year, the theme this year was ‘Balance for Better’- A balanced world is a better world. That got us thinking about the solar sector in India. The many industry conferences with their rare […]

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The Message from Gujarat. The Solar Price Squeeze to stay in 2019

After the boom of 2017, solar power developers in India ran into a big, if not completely unexpected problem. Government expectations of price drops, when it came to bidding at auctions. The cancellation of the 1000 MW auction by Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (GUVNL), for its Dholera solar park site was on expected lines. […]

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5 Big Hurdles that have Emerged for India’s Solar Power Producers

After installations of almost 10 GW and above in 2017 and close to 8 GW in 2018, the solar sector is facing its biggest challenge yet, as hurdles have emerged for the continued growth of the sector. Some of these challenges were always there, they are only bigger now, while others have emerged with time. […]

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Will 2 Paise per Unit toll Smoothen the Renewables Road? Speedbreakers remain

News Reports confirm that the Centre has floated a fresh incentive of 2 paise per unit produced for new projects in states. The latest news of the central government  introducing a financial incentive for states when it comes to renewable energy production hopes to tackle two key issues facing developers. land and distribution access for […]

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The Solar Sector Needs More Women. Here’s Why

As Rooftop Solar, Distributed solar and even corporate buying markets develop, its time for the renewable power sector to fix its gender imbalance. On International women’s day, its a good time to put the spotlight on the missing women in the solar power and broader renewable power sector. Among the brightest spots for the Modi […]

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Dairy Industry Exemplary to Exploit Solar Process Heat

At 176.4 million tonnes annually, India is the global milk and milk products producer. There are over 1,200 large, medium & small dairy industries. The dairy industry is dominated by the co-operative sector with 60% of the installed processing capacity in this sector. Milk processing in India constitutes around 35% of total milk production, of […]

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Wish List for The Final 2019 Budget

In a year when the country heads for general elections, the renewable sector has reason to look forward to a good final budget, from whoever comes to power. This is because the renewables sector has been an undisputed success story for India, and no government should be doing anything to slow it down. For the […]

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MBJ Post Shipment and Post Installation Inspection Report

In order to realize the module test on site at the highest technical level, MBJ and there worldwide partners need the right testing equipment. MBJ invented and consistently improved the Mobile PV Laboratory for the efficient on-site testing of solar modules, so that today it works on the technical level of conventional stationary laboratories. Test […]

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Modi Cabinet Approves 25.7 GW Solar Scheme to Benefit Farmers

In another move that is deadlined 2022, or in time to help the country meet its 100 GW target for solar, the government approved a major scheme to get farmers involved. The KUSUM (Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan) scheme has been in the works for some time and seeks to provide both financial security […]

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