KSA, Al-Afandi Solar Aims to Build Massive Solar Power Plant in The Middle East


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Royal Commission has come under an agreement with Al-Afandi Solar to build one of the largest commercial processing plants for solar cell and silicon panel.

Yanbu Royal Commission Chief Executive Dr. Alaa Nassif and Al-Afandi Solar Dy. Ibrahim Al-Afandi marked the billion-dollar solar facility contract. The facility is expected to fill a significant headway towards meeting the mandate on solar energy utilization on both regional and local scales.

Al-Afandi states that the company will be assembling cells and boards effectively before 2016 finishes.

Al-Afandi Solar Group Deputy Dy. and Board Member Majd al-Dohawi said that establishment of an incorporated facility resembles the Kingdom’s National Transformation Program. The project is thought to be a significant leap for the economy of Saudi Arabia.

Solar power has turned into a sufficient alternative for Saudi’s sunny region. This energy source can give a gigantic fragment of power for local needs.

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