State-of-The-Art Solar Panel Manufacturing Solutions

State-of-The-Art Solar Panel Manufacturing Solutions

Ecoprogetti offers a complete range of technological solutions in the renewable energy field and is involved in the planning & realisation of manufacturing Equipment and Automation. Started as a module manufacturing company in 1994 with a manual production line, Ecoprogetti fabricated machines for personal usage with an aim to increase the production capacity and Quality. The usage of the machines helped us understand the limitations resulting in better quality and reliable machines developed for our customers. Any new machine developed is tested at our facility for the reliability and production capacity & quality before offering it to the customer. With increase in the Photovoltaic industry, Ecoprogetti became an independent company dedicated to the equipment manufacturing for the photovoltaic industry in 1998 under the guidance of our CEO Mr. Domenico Sartore.

Ecoprogetti Solar Panel Manufacturing Solutions

Ecoprogetti is the only company in the world to Design and Manufacture all the equipments needed for module assembly process under one roof at our factory in Headquarters situated at Carmignano Di Brenta, Venice, Italy.

The key criteria for Ecoprogetti equipment’s glorious success can be attributed to the 3 factors considered while designing.

FLEXIBILITY: Our machines are extremely flexible and can work with different types of cells and raw materials in order to produce all kind of photovoltaic modules including BIPV modules like glass-glass. The complete production line can be changed from one to another module type in less than an hour.

SIMPLICITY: The machines are very simple to use and do not require advanced maintenance and particular skilled human resources. All machines are equipped with internet connection for a quick and effective service

MODULARITY: Modular concept of Ecoprogetti helps customer update the line in a very easy and cost competitive way. It is possible to transform the line from a 10MW to 300MW or more by only upgrading and working on the existing equipment.

With an experience of more than 20 years, 120 Turnkey lines worldwide (more than 9GW) and 5 service offices worldwide, Ecoprogetti offers the customer the best Turnkey solutions with a complete assistance in training, Start-up, Advice and support service of qualified personnel with years of experience as photovoltaic module producers. We guarantee innovative solutions maintaining authenticity, simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Ecoprogetti with the vast knowledge of technology and process has 2 patents to its credit

1. Hybrid Soldering Head : Aiming at breakages equal to 0% with solar cells getting thinner and thinner, Ecoprogetti has developed and patented a new innovative hybrid soldering system combining the traditional contact soldering with hot air. The introduction of hot air in the soldering phase heats up the entire cell surface, not only the points where the ribbon is positioned, reducing significantly the thermal stress given to cell

2. LED based Sun Simulator: This new technology is extremely useful looking at the latest cell technology overcoming the limitations of the traditional Xenon lamp flash simulators.

ecoprogetti solar panel manufacturing

The machine has been accredited Class A+A+A++ by TUV Intercert.

Established in 1998, Ecoprogetti has offices in India, UAE, USA and South East Asia. Ecoprogetti is gradually increasing its presence in South-East Asia with Turnkey lines installed at Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia etc. Recently, we have commissioned State-of-the-art Fully Automatic Turnkey Line of 250MW at Morocco for Glass to Glass Module Production. In total, Ecoprogetti has sold more than 120 Turnkey lines worldwide especially in the Europe and Africa market and also has its presence in more than 10 Renowned Laboratories worldwide.

Ecoprogetti Production Process (I) Pvt. Ltd. (a 100% fully Owned Subsidiary of M/s. Ecoprogetti, SRL) started the office in 2012 with Mr. Rajen Shah as the Managing Director of the company. Since its Inception, Ecoprogetti India has sold more than 30 Turnkey Lines in India and Individual equipment to almost all the Major Module Manufacturers in India. With Headquarters in Mumbai, we offer After Sales and Service support with trained and experienced Service Engineers located at Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Gujarat.

Ecoprogetti has the biggest customer installation base in India and was awarded as “GOLD AWARD WINNER” in the “Solar Module Manufacturing Line Setup” category by one of the Reputed Magazine.

Ecoprogetti has to its credit the maximum number of Turnkey line offered in India and one of the recent State-of-the-art Turnkey line of 100MW was installed at M/s. Kosol Energie Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The line consists of the ergonomically designed Tabber Stringer with the patented Hybrid Soldering technology which ensures less than 0.2% breakage. The machine has the capability to solder very thin PV solar cells such as Mono, Poly, Bifacial, PERC, HJT and high efficiency solar cells without mechanical and thermal stress. Machine is equipped with 2 High Resolution Camera – One to check the alignment and second camera to check the centering and to detect any broken cell before soldering. The equipment is capable of handling 4,5 and 6 bus bar commercially available cell.

The high throughput Tabber Stringer is supported by 6 axis ROBOT to pick the strings from the belt and place it on the Glass & EVA pre-loaded on the automatic conveyor belt. The Pre-programmed Robot picks up the string and moves through the camera for better alignment of the strings on the glass. The clockwise / anticlockwise direction of the string is done by the settable recipe on the Robot. The Glass is loaded on the automatic conveyor belt by the Glass handling system.

The bussing is carried out on an Motorised conveyor equipped with continuity tester, Soldering station. The bussing station is followed by a visual inspection table for checking any foreign particles, alignment etc.

The pre-lamination Electroluminescence (EL) Tester supplied with the input roller conveyor and output reject conveyor detects Micro cracks, Contamination, Sintering Defect, Defects of Solar cell material (Debris, Cracked, Broken Gate, pollution), Defects from the Welding Process (Weld, De-Solder, Broken Fingers), Mix Different levels Cells sorted wrongly. The equipment performs DARK IV Test and is supplied with two High Resolution camera with acquisition time of less than 20s. The equipment is capable of testing Mono, Poly and Thin Film Modules

ecoprogetti solar manufacturing solutions

The Lamination process is supplied with Input and Output buffer to store the modules, in case of any maintenance. The Laminator supplied with the Turnkey line is a Double Step laminator with loading and unloading system. The laminator uses electrical heating with the highest temperature uniformity ensuring good quality modules. Quick change system of the silicone membrane with clamps around the external borders of the laminator. Membrane change in less than 30 minutes and change can be performed with the plates still in working temperatures. The Laminator is supplied with High Efficiency pumping system for fast cycle time and Glass to Glass production. All our laminators are supplied with cooling system at the output conveyor.

The excess EVA/Backsheet after the lamination process is at the Automatic trimming station.

The sunny-side down framing machine with Automatic Loading & Unloading system is designed specifically for avoiding flipping of the modules. The loading and centering of the module is done automatically and one touch button for automatic framing offers seamless operation. Frame punching on long side and short side is at same time with Auto locking system for corner blocks.

The frames are filled with sealant using the automatic silicone dispenser machine. This machine is an Automatic machine to fill the frames with even and correct amount of silicone. The frames are placed to the loading conveyor and a sensor placed at the unload station detects the status of frame at the unloading conveyor to interrupt the cycle automatically when the belt is full.

The final power Testing of the module is performed by our Award winning LED based Class A+A+A++ Sun Simulator certified by TUV Intercert. The machine is capable of testing Mono, Poly, PERC, HIT, Bifacial, Back Contact and Thin Film. The pyranometer used in our machine measures the accurate irradiance value and corrects it to the STC condition. The LED advantages of uniform Homogeneity (Non-Uniformity < ±1%), Long term instability (< ±0.125%) and Spectrum (± 8%) provides good repeatability and precise output of the module. The productivity is also increased since there is no recharging time require between 2 flashes and lifetime of LED is more than 50 million pulses.

The Hi-pot tester supplied with the line guarantees long-life of the photovoltaic module & safety of the installation.

And Lastly, at the end of the line, we have incorporated an EL Tester to determine any micro-cracks, dark spots which may have occurred during the post-lamination process.

ecoprogetti solar module manufacturing solutions

The final product is sorted automatically with the help of Fully Automatic Module Sorter.

All the equipments offered by Ecoprogetti results in World Class Quality Modules and maximum power (low CTM loss) ensuring quicker ROI for all our customers.

Ecoprogetti ecosun bifacial


Ecoprogetti’s LED based sun simulator has paved the way for designing an equipment in the difficult sector – Testing Bifacial Module. Ecoprogetti’s ECOSUN Bifacial, an LED based sun simulator, is capable of testing both the sides of bifacial module simultaneously without the need to flip the module.

The double light source system ensures simulates the final installation conditions of the modules as on field/rooftop, where the light is coming and reflected on both sides. Since the light reflected to the rear side varies, it is necessary to offer different test conditions to simulate the output which is provided by our Inverter.

Ecoprogetti LED based Light source


1. LED based Light source ensures longer lifetime of more than 50 million pulses

2. Class A+A+A++ Certified by TUV Intercert

3. Suitable for Bifacial, Thin film, Mono, Poly, Back-Contact, PERC, HIT

4. Non-Uniformity : < ± 1%

5. Spectrum Mismatch : ± 12.5%

6. STI / LTI : < ± 0.125%

7. Customised Electronic Load

8. Optional Light Soaking Capability

led based light source



Thermal ImagingSolar power plants need periodic checking of the PV modules at site which may include different type of testing such as IV curve measurement, Thermal Imaging etc. Understanding the need of such special equipment which could cater the Solar power plant, Ecoprogetti, having experience in Solar industry for more than 20 years, have designed State-of-the-art equipment called “ECOTRUCK” (Solar Power Plant Mobile Testing Lab).

ECOTRUCK combines our New, Reliable and powerful LED Sun simulator (certified as class A+A+A++ by TUV Lab) for IV Curve Measurement with high precision EL Tester for detecting Microcracks, Inactive Areas and a Thermal Camera for checking Hotpots. All these critical equipment’s are combined together in ECOTRUCK for testing solar panels to analyse the low output / Inefficient PV Modules affecting the performance of Solar Power Plant. In addition to the above, we could also customise the ECOTRUCK with Hi-Pot and Ground Bound test as per customer’s requirement.

performance of Solar Power PlantCharacteristics:

1. Field Ready Compact Design

2. Suitable for Mono, Poly, Thin-Film, Back contact, PERC, HJT modules

3. High Performance LED Sun Simulator with Class A+A+A++ certified by TUV

4. High Resolution EL Camera

5. Camera for Thermal Imaging

6. Panel Dimension upto 1200 X 2000mm

7. Automatic Reporting

8. Intuitive Software for the Operator

9. 3KW Power Generator included. Battery Pack also available for In-Field Autonomy.

The unique and reliable design of ECOTRUCK has received enquiries from major EPC players and upcoming laboratories in India.

major breakthrough in 2018

Ecoprogetti Successfully installed 60MW State-of-the-Art Module manufacturing Equipment at “RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd., R.R. District” and “Premier Solar, Medak District” – Renowned name in the Indian Module Manufacturing Sector located in Telangana State. The installation of the equipments have been done by Ecoprogetti India’s Trained and Experienced Service team in a record time The Equipment supplied with Automation can process cell size from smaller size to Full cell.

Ecoprogetti Module Manufacturing

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