IRENA Report on Hydrogen from Renewable Power: Technology Outlook for the Energy Transition

As the world strives to cut carbon emissions, electric power from renewables has emerged as a vital energy source. Yet transport and industry will still require combustible fuels for many purposes. Such needs could be met with hydrogen, which itself can be produced using renewable power. Hydrogen provides high-grade heat, helping to meet a range of energy needs that would be difficult to address through direct electrification. This could make hydrogen the missing link in the transformation of the global energy system.

Electrolysers – which split hydrogen and oxygen – can make power systems more flexible, helping to integrate high shares of variable renewables. In the long run, hydrogen could become a key element in 100% renewable energy systems. With technologies maturing, actual scale-up should yield major cost reductions. The report looks into how the right policy and regulatory framework, however, remains crucial to stimulate private investment in hydrogen production in the first place.