VW to Install 4000 EV Charging Points at its German Sites

VW to Install 4000 EV Charging Points at its German Sites (f.l.t.r.) Thomas Ulbrich, Ulrich Markurth, Martin Römheld und Werner Gose charging the ID.3.

The Volkswagen (VW) brand is systematically driving its electric offensive and will be installing some 4,000 EV charging points at its German sites by 2025.

VW EV Charging

The first batch is already up and running. The first EV charging center was commissioned at the VW Group Components plant in Braunschweig. The 60 charging points are located on the Ohefeld parking lot bordering on the site. The charging power level is 11kW and the charging center uses a Type 2 plug, the European standard system. The sole source of power for charging is Volkswagen Naturstrom from renewable sources. The power has been certified by TÜV Nord and is 100 percent CO2-free, originating from sources such as wind and hydropower. Further charging centers will be successively phased in at the other German sites by 2025.

The Volkswagen Group is investing some EUR 250 million in expanding the charging infrastructure at its European sites. When combined with the activities at dealerships, this means the group is providing some 36,000 new charging points in Europe.

“Adequate facilities for charging at the workplace are an important element in our electric offensive. Going forward, charging their electric vehicles while they are at work will be easy and convenient for our employees. We are demonstrating how the gradual transition to e-mobility can succeed”, Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management responsible for E-Mobility, said.

VW EV Charging

(f.l.t.r.) Thomas Ulbrich, Ulrich Markurth, Martin Römheld und Werner Gose charging the ID.3.

“Volkswagen’s first charging center has been realised at the Components plant in Braunschweig. That makes us very proud. The Volkswagen Group is underpinning its electric offensive with this initiative and at the same time turning e-mobility into a real-world experience for employees, and later also other drivers of electric vehicles. This is a clear and concrete step towards e-mobility”, Otto Joos, business field manager “Chassis” at Volkswagen Group Components, said.

The company believes that charging at the workplace is becoming increasingly important because it is a good alternative for all those who cannot charge at home. Going forward, it expects some 20 percent of all charging operations could take place at the workplace.

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