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ICE VS BEV: Which Contributes Higher Carbon Emissions Across Their Lifetime?

Rystad, an energy research based organisation, has shared a report declaring batteries in electric vehicles (BEV), as a clear winner in reducing emissions in the transportation sector. The report says that despite incurring higher emissions in the manufacturing process of electric vehicles and an enduring reliance on fossil fuel power generation in many countries, the […]

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StoreDot in Strategic Collaboration with Volvo Cars for EV Cells

StoreDot, which delves into extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, has signed a ]multi-year agreement with Volvo Cars to develop an optimized battery for next generation Volvo cars. The collaboration, with experts from Volvo Cars and StoreDot working together, will lead to the development of XFC cells which will be optimized and […]

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Deeptech Startup Oorja Raises $1.5 Million in Pre-Series A Funding

Oorja, a Bengaluru-based deep tech startup, that uses a combination of Physics and Machine Learning to perform predictive modelling, today announced that it has raised $1.5 million in seed funding. The funding round was led by Micelio Fund, which claims to be the first venture capital fund in India dedicated to sustainable innovation in the […]

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Li-ion Phosphate or Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide- Which Has More Potential?

A report by the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) titled ‘India’s Potential in the Midstream of Battery Production’ had shed light on the role of different technologies of batteries like Lithium-ion in the transition of automobile fuel. The report aims at mapping the EV adoption in India. The report says that the EV adoption […]

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EV Charger Market Projected at CAGR 46.5% Between 2022 & 2030: CES-IESA Report

The Customized Energy Solutions (CES) and India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) have released their third annual “2022 India Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure & Battery Swapping Market Overview Report”. The report covers the present market trends and forecast of electric vehicle (EV) chargers by various charger types in terms of revenue (USD Million), capacity (GW) and […]

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Amara Raja Batteries Limited Is Now Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited

Two years ago, Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), which delves in industrial and automotive battery sector (listed as BSE: 500008 and NSE Code: AMARAJABAT), announced to direct its focus beyond batteries and address the larger energy and mobility space. The firm has now capped off the journey with the official name change to Amara Raja […]

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Shuzlan Energy, Transvolt Mobility in Deal For 350 Bus Charging Points

Shuzlan Energy Private Limited, a trailblazing name in the EV charging infrastructure sector, has announced a significant partnership with Transvolt Mobility. This strategic collaboration marked a key milestone in the journey towards electrifying public transportation with the signing of an agreement to provide India’s largest EV Charging Point Operator (CPO) infrastructure for 1,000 buses. These […]

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Musashi, Delta and Toyota in JV For EV Drives

Musashi Auto Parts India Pvt Ltd (Musashi), a 100% owned subsidiary of Musashi Seimitsu Industries, Japan and a leading manufacturer of two-wheeler and four-wheeler transmission components in India, has entered into a joint venture with Delta Electronics, Inc. (Delta) and Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Toyota Tsusho) to sell EV drive units for two-wheeled vehicles in India. […]

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Battery Materials Firm GEM In Indonesian JV To Diversify Risk, Protect US, EU Markets

Shenzhen, China based GEM, the largest supplier of battery raw materials in China and the leading battery recycling firm in China and globally, has announced plans to  invest about USD750 million in two new plants in Indonesia in a move aimed at diversifying its manufacturing base and developing global industrial supply chains in alignment with […]

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