Hassle Free Travel for EV’s between Delhi-Agra and Delhi-Jaipur Closer to Reality

Highlights :

  • Sudhendu Sinha from NHEV and NITI Aayog discussed the Battery Swapping policy to devise ways to improve the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ perspective.
  • A proposed prototype for battery charging and battery swapping will be implemented in 30 EV charging stations on Jaipur-Delhi and Noida-Agra e-highways.
Hassle Free Travel for EV’s between Delhi-Agra and Delhi-Jaipur Closer to Reality

Soon the major routes like the Delhi-Jaipur and Agra-Noida expressway will witness regular operations of electric vehicles of all kinds. This is necessary to realise the goal of making India a zero-emission country by reducing its carbon footprint. National Highway for EV (NHEV) Working Group Advisor (Infrastructure, Connectivity Transport and Electric Mobility), Sudhendu J Sinha and NITI Aayog had a meeting in which the two discussed the Battery Swapping policy. The key objective was to improve the ‘Ease of Doing Business perspective of their stakeholders.

In the meeting, the two bodies discussed battery standardisation and proposed a prototype for battery charging and Battery Swapping stations. Thoughts were also shared on the proposed model which will be implemented for 30 NHEV charging stations on Jaipur-Delhi and Noida-Agra e-highways. It has been said that the 30 stations will also have 20 two-wheelers and 20 three-wheeler EVs with Battery Swapping units. These will be open for use with a mobile-based subscription service like Yulu.

This means that tourists can have access to these electric two wheelers through the app and they could travel to the nearby tourism destinations and return the two wheelers back to the charging station.

The Battery Swapping facilities will enable the electric vehicles to travel for long distances without having to remain in the proximity of EV charging stations.

Project Director of National Highway for Electric Vehicles, Abhijeet Sinha, said, “This is our second prototype station constructed in record 30-day time for Delhi-Jaipur E-Highway, two more stations of same size and scale will be installed in Noida within 60 days for Delhi-Agra E-Highway which will conclude the prototype modelling of E-hubs. 30 more E-Highway charging stations will be constructed within a record time of 90 days from their date of allocations to PSUs and private entities.”

“These charging stations are commercially and technically competing with petrol pumps now with 72 per cent utilisation and 36-month breakeven with increased capacity to charge 1000 cars at this station and 576 cars at Sect 52 stations. These simple prototypes have proved that e-highway stations of NHEV will be world-class and draw a strong commercial roadmap of E-mobility on Indian highways,” added Sinha.

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